20'' Childs Trailer

20'' Childs Trailer


This child trailer is designed to carry one or two children and mounts easily onto the left hand side of the rear axle with a simple bracket. The trailer then attaches to the bracket with a quick release pin allowing the trailer to be attached or removed easily while the bracket stays on the bike.

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Features include:

-          20” Alloy wheels with steel hubs

-          Fully weather enclosed with dual mesh/vinyl front

-          Steel frame

-         Trailer is made from non-poisonous and fire-proof material

-          Harness for holding the children securely in place

-          Pockets and storage space at rear

-          Safety flag

-          All flaps are zip or Velcro closing

-          Children must be old enough to sit upright unassisted

-          Fits a child up to 56cm in height

-          Max weight allowed 45kg