For the Better Good

Better Water; 

As a company oriented on cycling as exercise, we're all too aware that water is a necessary part of our service. We send out countless numbers of cyclists annually, often on long rides, to semi-remote locations. Water is simply a must for good health whilst out and about on a bike. What has never made sense is supplying cyclists water in single-use plastic bottles. 

The qualities which make plastic bottles perfect for bike travel, are also the qualities which pose the greatest threat to the environment. Plastic is tough, malleable and lasts....waaaaay too long. Plastic can take hundreds of years to break-down, and in that time, poses a serious threat to the environment; both flora and fauna.

We needed a solution which aligned with our values as sustainable tourism partners and decreases our impact on the planet. Luckily we came across "For The Better Good", a water bottle company providing an ethical option in the bottled water industry.

As you might have gathered from the bottles title, For The Better Good bottles are made from plants (specifically starch and fructose). These bottles have 78% less carbon foot print than traditional plastic bottles and take 30% less energy to create. 

For The Better Good make it easy to choose the sustainable option, but go even further in promoting a circular economy built on the back end of their sales network. These guys have established a partnership network where stockists can become collection agents and collect used bottles to be picked up and sent home - to be reused again. 

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