The Viewing Platform

Numerous cyclist and walkers venture out on to the “ Viewing platform” to get close to the sea and surf. Nick named the “The Pier that’s scared of the water” this large concrete structure was built in late 2015 as a drainage cover.

Now a popular destination  to Napier’s Marine Parade the viewing platform allows visitors to experience the beach from above. Images of the viewing platform are everywhere on Instagram. Selfies and more selfies are snapped daily out on the “platform”. Keen photographers capture the sunrise, big surf, gannets diving and a lucky few have witnessed whales breaching.

The local authority reckon it’s the best drainage cover they have ever built – they would be right, so when visiting Napier, take time to wander out on to the “viewing platform to experience views of the pacific ocean – Hawke bay, the coastline for yourself, better still take a friend.

The “Viewing Platform” open 24/7, free admission.